The most useful maritime knots for travelling safely at sea

When venturing out to sea, safety is always the number one priority. Being able to tie maritime knots correctly is crucial to ensure boat stability and crew safety. In this article, we will discover the most useful maritime knots that every sailor should know to ensure a safe and efficient sea voyage.

The half-neck

The half-neck, the simplest and most basic sailor's knot, consists of a complete loop around an object of circular cross-section. Its strength manifests itself when the line is subjected to traction. This knot, fundamental for the creation of several more complex variants, becomes extremely versatile when repeated several times. It can be coupled with speech to reinforce the security of wings.

Lover's bowline

Of all maritime knots, the gassa d'amante emerges as the most commonly used knot. Learning to tie it accurately, smoothly and quickly is essential in all conditions. Its importance is evident for two main reasons: once tied and tightened, the knot remains firm even under heavy loads, but can easily be untied with bare hands by loosening it from the back. This makes it the 'King' of all knots: versatile, easy to untie and indispensable in a variety of maritime situations.

Spoken knot

The spoken knot is widely used in securing wings to the dredges. This self-tightening knot tightens further as the tension on the mooring increases, proving its usefulness on many occasions.

Savoy knot

Its figure-of-eight shape makes it the most common of the arrest knots, positioned at the ends of the lines. It is mainly used to stop the sheets in the stoppers on deck or to prevent a line from exceeding its designated area for manoeuvring.

Flat knot

The flat knot is the ideal choice for joining two ropes, especially if they are of similar diameter. Although it is the sum of two simple knots with the second inverted, it is important to note that it can unravel if not subjected to tension. Therefore, although frequent in everyday use, it is advisable to avoid its use for joining ropes in critical situations.

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